The Avery Coonley School, like all independent schools, depends upon charitable giving to provide an excellent curriculum and environment for its students. Our theme for the 2019 reunion is "Onwards, Upwards, and Beyond!" As part of the "beyond" portion of the theme, we ask that you consider a small gift so that future generations can also experience the quality education you were privy to. 

To make the donation process a bit more fun, we offer you a challenge: If every registrant for the Reunion gives any amount, we have a secret donor who has offered to give a gift to the School! A 100% participation rate will guarantee The Avery Coonley School receives a substantial gift that will help it maintain its excellent teachers, beautiful grounds, and its financial aid program. 

Unable to attend the reunion but still want to give? We welcome all participation. You can donate here or choose to sponsor a teacher ticket on the ticket page. 

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